Matriarchal Line

Matriarchal Line, Steel, Watercolor, paper, 2014

Matriarchal Line traces 10 generations of my mother’s mothers. The earliest came from Herefordshire, England where the biggest industry was raising cow and sheep for wool. My great great-grandmothers spun wool. The first to emigrate died leaving 5 girls to her husband to care for. They moved to a dugout in Franklin, Idaho. Where they slept on a wheat bin because there was no bed. My ancestor was raised by another family that provided meals to the railroad workers in that area. My great-great grandmother had a cow named Bessie that she loved. She lived in Portland, OR where they had a roadster. That is where my grandmother grew up. She would climb trees and her mother would give her an egg from one of their chickens to trade at the store for a piece of candy. She moved to Salt Lake City where my mother grew up and was a Chi Omega at the University. She went to MIT and Stanford and then married and moved 14 times while raising her kids. Thus I grew up all over . There is a watercolor self-portrait of me looking back into time at this line of woman stretching back into time. Their stories, landscapes and portraits are laser-cut out of steel. The self-portrait of me looking down is me looking to the future at eggs I harvested and froze to use hopefully in the future to continue my matriarchal line.


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